Our mission is to guide final investors  through correct and independent information we provid to financial intermediaries and the media.

FIDA is the Italian Group which, thanks to its long-standing experience in financial research, develops software applications for wealth managers, private bankers, financial advisors, consultants and asset managers with a coverage of services that extends across Europe.
The software is enhanced by the quality of our multi-asset financial instruments database. FIDA, in fact, boasts a leadership position in the Italian market for the distribution of financial data, with particular reference to the collection, analysis and distribution of high quality data and information on mutual investment funds.


  Since 1985 we have been collecting data from regulated markets - stocks, bonds, derivatives, ETFs, indices - and from third parties such as asset managers - direct collection of data from mutual investment funds and SICAVs.
This activity, carried out entirely in Italy without intermediary distributors, is highly automated thanks to the software and expertise accumulated over time.

In 2009 Fida was born from previous existing business branches in the data and financial research sector.

In 2010, growth also occurs through external lines by purchasing two companies that have been active in financial software development since 2000. The software development unit therefore specializes in platforms for financial information distribution and investments management, like  Fida Workstation designed for financial consultants and private bankers, this platform is integrated into banking systems in order to provide advanced tools for financial advice, while in a stand alone version it is provided to financial advisors and tied agents for portfolios and products independent analysis.

At the end of 2010, Fida Informatica was incorporated, entirely controlled by Fida.
Fida Informatica develops specific projects for customers, ranging from the customization of standard platforms to  realization of customized projects on behalf of clients.

In 2019 FIDA turns 10, celebrating with over 150 institutional clients and with a team of 35 professionals located in the Milan, Turin and Varese offices, led by the Managing Directors Barbara Mastrangelo and Gianni Costan.

Members and Governance

Chairman Gian Enrico Plevna

Chief Executive Officer Barbara Mastrangelo, Data Manager

Chief Executive Officer Gianni Costan

Board member Luca Lodi, Head of R&D

Board member Andrea Plevna



Fida is controlled by managers by mean of a holding company.
Fida is the only shareholder of Fida Informatica, a fintech development company specialized in the area of Investment Management and Data Management.



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